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It's time for the 10th Annual Wisconsin State Quilt Shop Hop June 4-26th.  This year you can also take advantage of the shop hop extension June 27 - July 17th!
Please note that during the extension all shops will be open their NORMAL business hours.  See the shops ad in the paper or give them a call if you have any questions.

In honor of the WIQSH 10th anniversary participating shops will be giving away free tote bags and cutting templates.  Each section will have a different shape. and section 4 will be handing out a FREE 60° triangle template.  We designed a fun table runner pattern for you to try out with your new tools!  Enjoy our free Wisconsin Springtime Runner. 

Wisconsin Springtime
Table Runner


Fabric Requirements:
*½ yard blue floral
*½ yard purple polka dot
*½ yard white background
*¼ yard light purple
*1 1/3 yd backing
*60° triangle template.
  • Get yours FREE from Section 4 during the 2021 WIQSH!



Blue floral:

*Cut (4) 3 7/8” x WOF strips.  Sub cut into (54) triangles using the 60° template.  Rotate the triangle as shown in figure 1 to get 16 triangles per strip.

Purple polka dot:

 *Cut (2) 3 7/8” x WOF strips. Sub cut into (32) triangles, rotating the template as you go.

  *Cut (4) 2 ½” strips for binding.
White background fabric:

            *Cut (4) 3 7/8” x WOF strips.  Sub cut (55) triangles. 

Light Purple:

            *Cut (1) 3 7/8” x WOF strip. Sub cut into (9) triangles.

 Arrange triangles into the table runner layout as shown below.  You will sew the triangles together in a diagonal row using ¼” seams. (see arrows) Press the seams to opposing as you construct each row.  Sew the completed rows together.  Quilt and bind with your favorite method!



 We hope you have a wonderful shop hop!  Thank you for your support!

Happy Stitching

Christie Country Quilts